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Award Winners

Nordisk Panorama, Oulu 2012

Nordic Short Film Award


  Videoboy by Stian Kristiansen, Norway

Jury Motivation: "Packed with unique characters and genre references, this wicked portrait of sexual awakening, baited us with its humour, horror and hormones. The jury was struck by this film's outstanding production design, wonderful performances by its young cast and its subversive take on coming-of-age. This year's Nordic Short Film Award goes to a film that reminds us that "Everyone wants in". Congratulations to Videoboy!"

Honorary Mention

  Creature by Malene Choi Jensen, Denmark

Jury Motivation: "A film as singular as its main character, this stunning and stark look at life after the end of the world stands alone in terms of its craft and mystery. A bold and magical vision that explores loneliness, aloneness, death and rebirth from a rare perspective. The jury awards an Honorary Mention to the furry fairytale Creature."

Honorary Mention

  Everything Will Be OK by Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen, Norway

Jury Motivation: "Life sometimes looks mundane and monotonous. We take it for granted and idle it away. This carefully composed and deliberately-paced film captures an anonymous young worker's life and the moment he is jarred out of his tedious routine. A change that affects both the structure of the story and his being, a shift that took the jury to tranquil awareness that life is full of shining moments even when the world seems unequal and harsh. The jury awards an Honorary Mention to Everything Will Be OK."

Nordic Documentary Award


  Ballroom Dancer by Andreas Kofoed & Christian Bonke, Denmark

Jury Motivation: "The Nordic Documentary Award goes to a perfect example of the power of documentary to capture the fragility and intensity of human emotion in a world that demands perfection and excellence at any cost. With cinematic grace and passion, the film presents dance as a beautifully realized microcosm of the complexities of human intimacy. Ultimately this is a film about love."

Honorary Mention

  The Quiet One by Ina Holmqvist & Emilie Wallgren, Sweden

Jury Motivation: "For our first honorable mention, a lovely film that reminds us that, as cultures migrate and interact, the harshness and joy of childhood remain universal. By turns playful and sad, this film reflects our desperate need to fit in in a confusing world. We expect more great things from these filmmakers."

Honorary Mention

  Putin's Kiss by Lise Birk Pedersen, Denmark

Jury motivation:
"Among the many political films we saw, this documentary stood out for its urgency, precision and lush visual style. This gutsy film exposes the anatomy of political oppression with great insight. It sends a warning to future generations, and serves as a prescient reminder that the political is always personal."

New Nordic Voices Award


  The Betrayal by Karen Winther, Norway

Jury motivation: "A brave, personal journey, and an insightful portrait of a specific period in time. It is a balanced document of the need to belong, of human dynamics and the nature of forgiveness. The jury agrees that this is a young filmmaker we look forward to seeing more from."

Honorary Mention

  Heat Wave by Adina Belin, Sweden

Jury motivation: "A sensuous peak into a world, meeting characters, feeling tension build up and being, as audience, uplifted. A brief encounter, leaving an impression of talent and promise."



  Enclosed Moments by Jens Klevje & Fabian Svensson, Sweden

Jury motivation: "At the same time stunning and laconic meditation on the existence of man surrounded by the mysteries of the cosmos, philosophical essay on human ideas vanishing through time and space. The excellence of the cinematography, the preciseness of the framing, shows us the magnitude of nature, and without any romanticizing, finds cinematic beauty in even the most wretched postindustrial scenery. The filmmakers take us on an unexpected journey, both calm and harmonizing, and utterly stimulating."