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Special Screenings & Sessions

Every year Nordisk Panorama presents an abundance of seminars, talks & masterclasses with renowned filmmakers from near and far, side by side with special screenings, industry sessions presenting the latest tendencies as well as social events and not least parties.



Nordisk Panorama proudly present two inspiring and successful filmmakers that will share their knowledge and experience. Virpi Suutari, finnish documentery filmmaker and Niels Pagh Andersen, danish editor.

25th Anniversary Seminar
Tue Steen Müller knows Nordisk Panorama from the inside out. Let him take you on a walk down memory lane through the festival's 25 years.

My Dinner With
In collaboration with FERA, we are inviting two very special guest to a set table. TBA

Work in Progress
Get behind the scene at the work in progress of filmmaker Göran Olsson's new documentary Fonko.

How We Did It!?
During lunchtime we encourage our guests to giva a short talk on their work, old and upcoming projects. Take the chance to dine with your favourite filmmaker.

Transmedia Meet Up
An unconference on the future of storytelling and experience design, with peer to peer learning and networking.

Art Videos

Screenings of a selection of nordic art video at Malmö Konsthall