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Award Winners

Nordisk Panorama, Malmö 2008


Nordic Documentary Award



  Big John by Håvard Bustnes, Norway

Jury Motivation: "A film witch is once hard-hitting, human and full of heart. This was simply a great story, well-told, engaging and surprising the jury with its depth of emotion and its suspense."

Honorary Mention

  Lies by Jonas Odell, Sweden

Jury Motivation: "A film which masterfully brings distinct visual style to compelling documentary stories."

Honorary Mention

  Recipes for Disaster by John Webster, Finland

Jury motivation:
"A film wich takes an important worldwide problem and through an entertaining, practical approach raises the conscience and empowers its audience."


Sparbanksstiftelsen Skånes Award,

Best Documentary under 30 min


Statistics by Solveig Melkeraaen, Norway



Nordic Short Film Award


  Young Man Falling by Martin de Thurah, Denmark

Jury motivation:
"For its special tone and successful multi-layered narrative approach."


Honorary Mention

  The Tale of Little Puppetboy by Johannes Nyholm, Sweden


New Nordic Voices Award


  69 by Nikolaj Viborg, Denmark

Jury motivation: "The New Nordic Voices Award goes to a brave film that reminds us once again how important documentary filmmaking is. When it comes to taking on challenging subjects in a more and more conform world this is a voice we need. In a violent context the film treats the subject with great gentleness and respect, with an all present camera. A film portraying youth fighting for their own place in society and the right to be diverse, facing police brutality and political ignorance." 


Honorary Mention

  Alone, Together by Annika Grof, Finland

Jury motivation: "A film with a consistent filmic vision and language, a film that let us take part of the domestic life that we all can relate to. The filmmaker carefully let us in on the details of the everyday life and slowly it transforms into a deeper meaning."


Honorary Mention

  The Last Elephant by Antti Laakso, Finland

Jury motivation: "We want to give another special mention to a little gem of a film that combines humor with serious matters and traumatic events. It´s a film that shows fantastic craftsmanship with a great sense for details."


Canal+ Award


  Out of Spjald by Thomas Glud & Lars Wass, Denmark


SF Nordic Talent Pitch Award


The Undertaker Students by Lisa Bergström, Sweden

Jury motivation: "With a potential to both entertain and touch a universal audience. The jury has decided to award a project about an inevitable tabu, handled in an original, humorous and warm way."