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Award Winners

Nordisk Panorama, Aarhus 2006


Nordic Documentary Award



Forgotten by Agnieszka Lukasiak, Sweden

The jury's statement: "The main award goes to a documentary that is structured almost as a fiction film. It is not only dramatic and moving in telling us a story of two young girls but it also reflects the contemporary Eastern European society in transition in all its complexity. The film tackles important and universal issues of poverty and brings to life the inner drama of making personal choices imposed by external circumstances. The powerful story and thoughtfully chosen cinematic language will certainly stay with us for a long time."

Special Mention

No Man is an Island by Sonja Lindén, Finland

The jury's statement: "The first special mention is a well shot documentary about one single character. It has a strong and intelligent concept. It makes us believe that the character has chosen this unusual lifestyle to deal with his own solitude and personal kind of love. Through poetic imagery the film manages to show us this situation without speculation."

Special Mention

Beth's Diary by Mikala Krogh, Denmark

The jury's statement: "The second special mention is a short cinematic study about a woman dealing with her tormented past and hard destiny. Through precise and thoughtful use of still photograpy and a personal video diary the film captures and expresses a very intimate portrait of a woman living on the edge af society."

Nordic Short Film Award


Coco-Nuts by Charlotte Blom, Norway.

Jury's statement: "Making short films should not be about following rules, but inventing them. The Short Film Jury is pleased to award the prize to a wildly original and completely fresh film. We were delighted with its witty, inventive script and superb execution. It is rare to find a film that seamlessly mixes various genres so absurdly and yet so successfully. The jury's unaniminous choice for The Nordic Short Film Award is Coco-Nuts / Kokos by Charlotte Blom."

Special Mention

Trouble by Dag Johan Haugerud, Norway

The jury's statement: "Special mention is given to a moving story that is finely-acted and economically told. For constantly surprising us and ultimately touching us the jury gives a special mention to Trouble / Tröbbel by Dag Johan Haugerud."

Special Mention

  Lullaby by Margreth Olin, Norway

The jury's statement:
"Special mention is given to a film which impressed the jury with its portrayal of life on the edge of society. This film mixes documentary and fictional elements as well as amateur and professional actors in an authentic way. The jury gives a special mention to Lullaby by Margreth Olin."

SF Film: Nordic Talent Award

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by Heidi Maria Faisst, Denmark

The jury's statement: "This year the SF-Film Nordic Talent Award will go to a director who has made a film which is not only very well made. It is a gripping story, told in a sincere way. It is a disturbing and honest film. We award the director for her courage to make a film which is challenging the audience."

Canal + Award

Linerboard by Jens Jonsson, Sweden

The Canal+Prize is given to one of the films in the short film competition, selected by Canal+ representative and consists of purchase of the film for Canal+ France.