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Award Winners

Nordisk Panorama, Bergen 2010


Nordic Short Film Award


  Miss Remarkable & Her Career by Joanna Rubin Dranger, Sweden

Jury Motivation: "An intelligent and humorous exploration into the complexities of a fragile state of mind. Miss remarkable unravels layer upon layer of real life situations, using animation to depict an inner state to which the audience can relate."


Honorary Mention

  Sáiva by Tuva Synnevåg, Norway

Jury Motivation: "In Sáiva, the visual technique and narrative concept, blend beautifully together, as do the two realities depicted in the film. It’s a challenging narrative that keeps the audience thinking, while manoeuvring through its experimental landscape."


Honorary Mention

  Circus by Guro Bruusgaard, Norway

Jury Motivation: "A brave and disturbingly familiar portrait of an intimate encounter that one rarely gets access to. Circus pushes the boundaries of comfort with its intelligent mix of music, direction, cinematography and acting."


Nordic Documentary Award


  Into Eternity by Michael Madsen, Denmark

Jury Motivation: "By transforming the cinema into a time machine, the director tackles what could have been a dry specialist subject matter or a piece of engineering-porn in a way that is surprising, poetic and mezmerising. His creative ambition is fully realised in a compelling visual style, a rich soundscape and a treatment of interviewees that takes them way beyond the usual “expert talking heads.” He turns the global problem of dealing with nuclear waste into a meditation on the destiny of mankind and civilization itself. All this without sacrificing journalistic rigour."

Honorary Mention

  Regretters by Marcus Lindeen, Sweden

Jury Motivation: "for the use of its elegant minimalism which allowed us to listen to, laugh with and ultimately understand two extraordinary human beings."

Honorary Mention

  Portrait of a Man by Visa Koiso-Kanttila, Finland

Jury motivation:
"for transforming an apparently common Scandinavian subject matter into a beautifully realized epic family saga."



New Nordic Voices Award


  My Heart, My Bad by Mari-Kaisu Mononen, Finland

Jury motivation: "A poetic and personal film, beautifully crafted. Directed in a subtle, quiet way, skilfully allowing the story to unfold. A film with dark humour and musicality that stays with you and gets under your skin."

Honorary Mention

  The Guest by Henrik Malmgren, Denmark

Jury motivation: "A gangster film that invites you to step into an amazing black and white world. A true craftsmanship of animation. "