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Award Winners

Nordisk Panorama 2007


Nordic Documentary Award




  USA vs Al-Arian by Line Halvorsen, Norway

Jury Motivation: "The film gives us a unique access to a family in crisis and offers a perspective which might often be missed. The director insists on sticking around to capture the moments. The film shows precisely how a common man becomes a victim of the situation in the contemporary world, where the Big Brother is watching you even when you're ordering pizza. The film combines all the elements any documentary needs: a powerful story, strong characters and an emotional journey well crafted together."

Honorary Mention

  Lilli by Oliwia Tonteri, Finland

Jury Motivation: "The film depicts a mental landscape by experimenting skillfully with form."

Honorary Mention

  Girls by Hanne Myren, Norway

Jury motivation:
"The film is shot with a special energy which looks its subject in the eye."


Nordic Short Film Award



  Love and War by Fredrik Emilson, Sweden

Jury motivation:
"The jury was incredibly impressed with the stunning combination of Hollywood epic war picture puppet animation and classic opera in a film that successfully creates a genre of its own."


Honorary Mention

  Wrestling by Grimur Hákonarson, Iceland

Jury motivation:
"Brokeback Mountain goes Islandic with a happy ending in this charming, laconic love story."


Honorary Mention

  Situation Frank by Patrik Eklund, Sweden

Jury motivation: "For its deft handling of a heavy subject with a light touch."

New Nordic Voices Award



  The Walk by Csaba Bene Perlenberg, Sweden

Jury motivation: "It's said that creativity grows from confusion. That moment when you don't know what is coming next, what is waiting for you behind the next turn. But when you are brave enough and able to follow your intuition it is very rewarding.
The filmmaker has created a personal directing method that is challenging the actors and the crew in a creative process full of mutual trust.
Taking our attention from the very first moment keeping us there until the very end. A two kilometer one shot one take masterpiece." 


Honorary Mention

  In the Meantime by Lisa Jonsson & Malin Nicander, Sweden

Jury motivation: "This film gives an intimate touch of a close society with elderly people who do not have anybody to take care of them - but with one common reason , waiting to die.
In spite of these people not having any privacy the filmmakers manage to show human dignity through daily details. People who take care of each other, two by two, things that matters like friendship, keeping a diary, sharing moments, helping changing clothes or having time on the dance floor.
This realistic and honest way of observing the characters can indeed sometimes be painful to watch, but in the same way you feel great wisdom in mind and body ageing."


Honorary Mention

  Stuck by Olavi Linna, Denmark

Jury motivation: "The director places the camera with great sensitivity in the right place at the right time. Portraying the main character with great sense of respect and love. Showing us the sadness that exists in the world of the individual living somewhere on the bridge between two worlds in the past and the present. The saying "The home is where the heart is" is given a new sense of depth. A finely tuned and well crafted portrait by a new filmmaker."

Canal+ Award

  Harvest by Sami Korjus, Finland


Neo Arena Award

  The Irresistible Smile by Ami Lindholm, Finland


SF Film: Nordic Talent Award

  Flatmates by Magnus Mork, Norway