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Award Winners

Nordisk Panorama, Reykjavik 2009


Nordic Short Film Award


  Anna by Rúnar Rúnarsson, Denmark

Jury motivation: "The film takes the audience on an emotional journey that is completely realized and full of strong, complex detail. Exceptional cinematography and a breathtaking lead performance capture the fragility and the strength of a young girl trying to find her place in the world."


Honorary Mention

  Seeds of the Fall by Patrik Eklund, Sweden

Jury Motivation: "The jury aknowledges how difficult it is to make a good comedy which is why we give this special jury prize to a film that has universal appeal in it's humor but resounds with a distinctive voice and subtle yet appreciative nuance."


Honorary Mention

  Still Birds by Sara Eliasson, Norway

Jury Motivation: "Through precise use of physical movement and extraordinary sound design the film creates a haunting, nightmarish world. We salute a filmmaker who dares to take her cinematic language to the extreme."


Nordic Documentary Award


  The Red Chapel by Mads Brügger, Denmark

Jury Motivation: "The Nordic Documentary awards goes to Red Chapel by Mads Brügger for his darkly humorous and brave look inside the North Korean dictatorship."

Honorary Mention

  Side by Side by Christian Sønderby Jepsen, Denmark

Jury Motivation: "A beautiful and funny film about differences and alienation that separates us."

Honorary Mention

  Between Dreams by Iris Olsson, Finland

Jury motivation:
"A film about dreams in a third class sleeping car on the Trans-Siberian railway travelling across Russia by night. A very personal and creative approach about sleeping persons."



New Nordic Voices Award


  Toxic Playground by William Johansson and Lars Edman, Sweden


Honorary Mention

  Strays by Sutharsan Bala, Norway



Canal+ Award


  Fish by Åsa Johannisson, Sweden



NFTF - Open Source Development Grant


One Thousand Stories by Annti Haase and Jussi Oroza, Finland