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Niels Pagh Andersen on Re-thinking Documentary Storytelling

Sunday 21 September Inkonst Theater 13.00

A personal journey in storytelling through 20 years.
“We, filmmakers are often seeing our films as unique and universal, but we and our films are as much part of our times as everything else.”

Niels Pagh Andersen is looking at his own work as film editor and will reflect on where are we coming from and where we are going. How have we changed our ways of telling stories in documentaries the last 30 years? How have we changed our look at the world and ourselves? Have we become too good in telling stories?

Since 1979 Niels Pagh Andersen has worked as a freelance film editor and has cut more than 250 films of widely different categories. He lectures and teaches filmmaking at film schools and Universities around the world and also works as dramaturgist and supervising-editor on Scandinavian films. Niels recently won the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, ROOS-PRISEN 2005, given by The Danish Film Institute for outstanding efforts in documentary filmmaking.

Some examples of his award winning work are: The Robert Award Winner, Dying: A Part of Living by Dola Bonfils; The Oscar-nominated feature film Pathfinder by Nils Gaup; Christian by the Oscar-winning director Gabriel Axel; The winner of The International Documentary Association’s (IDA) Best Documentary in 1996, The War Within by John Fuegi and Jo Frances.