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My Dinner With...

Sunday 21 Sept 16:00-18:00 Inkonst

"My Dinner With..." is a mainstay at Nordisk Panorama, each year presenting new and exciting encounters between high-class filmmakers. We ask a renowned Nordic short or documentary filmmaker to invite an international colleague - be it a great idol or a respected contemporary filmmaker - of his/her choice to the festival. The filmmakers meet for a "dinner", an informal afternoon session, where they will discuss their films, their views on filmmaking and art, the world and life in general in front of the audience.









This year, we are truly proud to present the extraordinary British filmmaker Sir Alan Parker and Swedish Gabriela Pichler, whose feature length debut Eat Sleep Die (2012) has been highly praised everywhere it’s been showed.

  Sir Alan Parkers films Birdy and The Commitments will be screened at the festival as well as Gabriela Pichlers Scratches and  Eat Sleep Die