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Nordisk Panorama Outlook

Saturday 20 - Tuesday 23 September 2014


Focusing on international financing, distribution and sales, Nordisk Panorama Outlook is aimed at filmmakers who want to keep in touch with the latest trends at the international market.

We're proud to present a series of talks and professional meetings that bring key players and key issues of today's short and documentary film market into focus. Don't miss this opportunity to get to know who is who, who does what and how to do it right yourself!


Nordic Short Film Funding
Sat 20 Sept 12:00-14:00 / Inkonst Klubben

Meet the Nordic short film consultants and commissioning editors for a talk about the possibilities for short film funding and co-production in the Nordic countries.

The panellists will be available for one-to-one speed dating. This session is a must if you’re planning your next short film!

Speakers: Jing Haase, Nordisk Panorama (DK), Åse Meyer, Norwegian Film Institute (NO), Marie Schmidt Olesen, Danish Film Institute - New Danish Screen (DK), Joona Louhivuori, Finnish Film Foundation (FI), Sari Volanen, YLE TV1 (FI), Helena Ingelsten, SVeriges Television - SVT (SE), Gréta Ólafsdóttir, Icelandic Film Centre (IS)


Strategize Your Short Film
Sat 20 Sept 14:00-15:00 / Inkonst Klubben

How do I increase the chances of getting my short to an A-festival? How and where do I market my film and myself the best? How do I best use my film as a calling card?

Film curator and festival strategist Kathleen McInnis gives you a unique insight into the world and the work of the film strategist.

Speakers: Kathleen McInnis, See-Through Films, LLC, Palm Spring International Film Festival (US)


QuickFire - Meet the Int’l Short Film Buyers and Sales Agents
Sat 20 Sept 15:00-15:30 / Inkonst Klubben

An introduction to the international short film decision-makers attending Nordisk Panorama. Meet the buyers and sales agents, find out what they are looking for and get an update on the state of the art of the international short film market.

Speakers: Jing Haase, Nordisk Panorama (DK), Stine Wangler, KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg (DE), Fred Joubaud, Ouat Media (CA), Romen Podzyhun, Channel Zero (CA), Rumi Ono, TV Man Union (JP), Christian Gesell, Interfilm Berlin Distribution (DE), Cinzia Spironello, Other Voices (IT), Sydney Neter, SND Films (NL)


Would You Buy This?
Sat 20 Sept 15:30-17:00 / Inkonst Klubben

Put your film to the test and find out about its distribution potential from the people who know. In this session we urge people to bring their short film and show it on the spot. The screening will be followed by live feed back from some of the experienced short film distributors and buyers attending this year’s Nordisk Panorama. Come if you dare! This session is not for sissies…

Speakers: Jing Haase, Nordisk Panorama (DK), Stine Wangler, KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg (DE), Fred Joubaud, Ouat Media (CA), Romen Podzyhun, Channel Zero (CA), Rumi Ono, TV Man Union (JP), Christian Gesell, Interfilm Berlin Distribution (DE), Cinzia Spironello, Other Voices (IT), Sydney Neter, SND Films (NL)


Kickstarter Goes Nordic
Sat 20 Sept 17:00-17:45 / Inkonst Klubben

The crowd-funding platform Kickstarter just launched a Nordic branch and Stephanie Pereira is here to tell us what this will mean for Nordic projects. We will also hear some insider tips to the dos and don’ts when crowd-funding your next project.

Speakers: Stephanie Pereira, Kickstarter (US)


How To Do Good? – Documentary Outreach & Impact
Sun 21 Sept 16:00-17:30 / Inkonst Klubben

For many filmmakers it is an ambition to change the world or at least influence aspects of human life. But how can documentaries generate change? How do you avoid creating online ’clicktivism’ instead of real life impact? And how can you secure that your plans for a big wave of change do not end up as a small splash.To talk about funding documentaries with a real life impact and making your film reach out beyond the already converted, we have gathered a panel of experienced funders and makers, who will share their knowledge.

Speakers: Ove Rishøj Jensen, European Documentary Network (DK), Ilse van Velzen, filmmaker (NL), Femke van Velzen, filmmaker (NL), Nicole van Schaik, BRITDOC Foundation (UK), Luke Moody, BRITDOC Foundation (UK), Jose F. Rodriguez, Tribeca Film Institute (US)


Meet the Decision-Makers of NP Forum
Sun 21 Sept 18:30-19:45 / Inkonst Klubben

Every year some 50-60 Nordic and international decision-makers attend NP Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries. In this session you will get a quick introduction to the commissioning editors from TV, film institutes and regional film funds, as well as to international sales agents and other experts attending this year’s forum. Don’t miss this chance to learn who is who and what they can do for you!

Speakers: Gitte Hansen, First Hand Films (CH), Mikael Opstrup, European Documentary Network (DK), Decision-Makers


Doc Horizons
Mon 22 Sept 14:30-15:30 / Inkonst Klubben

New market opportunities for Nordic documentaries are rapidly rising in the Russian, Asian, South American and Middle Eastern markets. We have invited some of the key players and experts on these new documentary horizons to offer insights to how Nordic documentary makers can take advantage of these new opportunities.

Speakers: Ove Rishøj Jensen, European Documentary Network (DK), Claudia Rodriguez Valencia, Señal Colombia (CO), Orna Yarmut, CoPro - Documentary Marketing Foundation (IL), Grigory Libergal, ANO Internews (RU), Cecilie Bolvinkel, European Documentary Network (DK)


Interactive Co-Productions
Mon 22 Sept 15:30-16:30 / Inkonst Klubben

The co-production model has for many years been a successful way for filmmakers to get their documentary films and TV-productions financed. But can this model be moved to the financing of interactive documentary productions? Are broadcasters willing to co-produce interactive works? What are the complications? What are the strengths?We have asked Interactive Commissioner at ARTE, Marianne Levy-Leblond to talk about how the French/German broadcaster works with interactive documentaries. This will be followed by a debate with Ritva Leino from YLE on the opportunities and challenge of making interactive documentaries as international co-productions.

Speakers: Ove Rishøj Jensen, European Documentary Network (DK), Marianne Lévy-Leblond, ARTE France (FR), Ritva Leino, YLE Teema (FI)