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Nordisk Panorama Hackathon

Malmö, Sweden, 19-22 September 2014

Come hack with us!

Filmmakers, game developers, programmers, designers and artists: Join us in Malmö September 19-22 for the Nordisk Panorama Hackathon.

Over a weekend, 30 professionals will be developing concepts and producing prototypes of digital experiences, from two specific project ideas:

- AVATAR, a citizen democracy experiment
- Divine Consultants, an adult animated universe

Read more about the projects and the process below, and apply before August 14th if you’d like to take part.

The projects

Two projects were selected for the Hackathon and their creators bravely gives up their projects for exploration of new ideas:

- What if your opinions would matter? What if elections weren’t just a game?
AVATAR is a citizen democracy experiment in which players can collectively influence public opinion through real life avatars, focusing on 9 controversial societal themes leading up to an election. avatar

Originally conceived for YLE as a reality game for the Finnish parliamentary elections in 2015, the creators invite hackers to explore the established game elements – or develop brand new ones: “We are prepared for the project to be completely hacked”, says Oliver and Tellervo.

Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen & Tellervo Kalleinen are visual artists and film-makers based in Helsinki; they are as well co-founders of, and

Divine Consultants
An adult animated universe about death and hope, created using motion capture technology in a hand drawn fashion.

Originally developed for a short story and series, the universe already has over 350 paintings and over 100 motion capture video clips available, characters rigged for motion capture.

The creators invite the Hackathon-participants to explore different formats for storytelling and game experiences in the rich universe.
The story of the original short film is a dark comedy and a love story about a death and hope: Oogle would do anything to impress Joy - and win her love back. But what he doesn't know is that it takes a fatal car accident and overcoming almighty divine consultants (and some previous sins) to start again with her - in Purgatory.

Finnish Scriptwriter and Director Juha Fiilin has a background in Graphic Design. He participates in the Hackathon together with producer Markku Tuurna.

What is a Hackathon?

The concept of Hackathons comes from the IT/Start-up scene, where programmers meet to ‘hack’ (make demos or mock-ups) over a weekend, focusing on functionality and testing concepts.

Nordisk Panorama uses this model to explore what happens when we stop talking and start collaborating across media industries. We want to inspire filmmakers to explore the boundaries of their stories, and we aim to make the Hackathon a playful and educational experience for everyone.

I want to participate! what do I do?

Fill out the application form – deadline August 14th.

Who are we looking for?
We’re looking for participants with different competences: storytelling, game design, experience design, programming, graphic design, game development, general idea generators, artists and open and generous people.

We will try to create a good combination of professionals with these skills, so be sure to tell us what you’re really good at, and remember to tell us which of the two Hackathon projects tickles your fancy.

What does it cost?
Participation in the Hackathon itself is free. Also, all participants receive an accreditation to the Shorts and Docs festival Nordisk Panorama, Sept 19 – 24.

For those travelling to Malmö from other countries, there is accommodation grants available (Sept. 19-22). Everyone pays for their own travel expenses.

What will happen if I’m selected?

Are there any other rules?
There are only two proper rules in Nordisk Panoramas Hackathon:

What you create together with your team belongs to everyone, meaning: you’re free to build on the ideas and the work yourself, but you can’t expect ownership of the further productions of anyone else.

The most important thing about the Hackathon is to enjoy the ride and to explore. Gathering professionals from a multitude of industries is a great way for everyone to learn new skills – and play!

Still more questions?

We really hope you want to join us in Malmö. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at


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