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Don't miss out on the great selection of Nordic shorts and docs in competition as well as a wealth of industry sessions and events

Peter Broderick: Seminar and Workshop

Peter Broderick, one of the most influential advocates of alternative distribution, will be attending Nordisk Panorama. Besides a keynote speech putting the spotlight on unprecedented opportunities and challenges in the New World of Distribution, he will lead an interactive workshop.

At the workshop, Peter Broderick will follow up his keynote with a nuts-and-bolts analysis of several key distribution breakthroughs. He will explain the key elements of a distribution strategy, including determining core audiences, developing partnerships, creating an effective web presence, and handling e-commerce. Peter will then improvise marketing and distribution strategies for filmmakers in the audience.

The workshop is financed by Nordisk Panorama and Norwegian Film Institute, and is only open to a limited number of participants. For more information, please contact Elin Sander at the festival office.

Nordisk Panorama Outlook

Filmkontakt Nord proudly presents the Nordisk Panorama Outlook programme. Focusing on international financing, sales and distribution, Nordisk Panorama Outlook is directed at filmmakers who want to keep in touch with the latest trends at the international market. So don't miss the opportunity to get to know who is who, who does what, and how to do it right yourself!

The sessions on Saturday will focus on new platforms and ways of distribution. Sharon Feigal from Rights Stuff, Netherlands, will provide an overview of some of the major new media video platforms and evolving business models on the Internet. Head of Internet at ARTE France, Jöel Ronez, will show how the public service broadcaster has been on the forefront when it comes to working with cross platform documentaries. Finally, Andy Whittaker from UK distributor Dogwoof, will talk about his company that has specialized in high-impact distribution of social issue films, and he will share his experience from campaigns on films such as The Age of Stupid, Burma VJ & Videocracy.

Sunday is dedicated to presenting the decision-makers of Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries, that takes place on Monday and Tuesday for those who have been granted a seat. This is a unique chance for all accredited to Nordisk Panorama to get an introduction to the commissioning editors from TV, film institutes and regional film funds, as well as to international sales agents and other experts attending this year’s forum. Don’t miss this chance to learn who is who and what they can do for you!

On Monday it's time to look at different aspects of the short film market. You'll have the opportunity to hear from the experts, what the market demands. Get a clearer picture of the global commercial market for short films, when a panel of experienced sales agents opens the day and meet short film buyers, who are representing as diverse platforms as TV, mobile and in-flight entertainment.
Last but not least, you will have the possibility to put your film to the test and find out about its distribution potential from the people who know. In this session we urge people to bring their short film and show it on the spot. The screening will be followed by live feed back from some of the experienced short film distributors and buyers attending this year’s Nordisk Panorama Market. Come if you dare! This session is not for sissies…

See the full Nordisk Panorama Outlook programme here.

Master Class: Johannes Stjärne Nilsson & Ola Simonsson

This year Nordisk Panorama proudly presents a retrospective of the amazing Swedish director duo Johannes Stjärne Nilsson & Ola Simonsson. Besides screening a number of their short films as well as their feature film Sound of Noise, the two directors/scriptwriters and their composer Magnus Börjeson will be giving a master class. Under the heading How Sound of Noise Was Made, they will present the audience with a complete guide for anyone interested in doing the remake.

Seminar: Copyright and Fair Use in Documentaries

What are the creative consequences of the Rights Clearance Culture for documentary filmmakers? And how does the regime and practice of copyright law constrain documentary production? David Van Taylor, director/producer from Lumiere Productions in New York will share his experiences using the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use, a document that has clarified when people in the U.S can include copyrighted material into their films without permission.

At the University in Bergen, a recent research–project has examined the practical status of exemptions to copyright, such as Fair Use or The Right to Quote. They will present their draft of a Norwegian/Nordic version of The Code, and Norwegian documentary filmmakers Jan Dalchow and Morten Daae will present some of the challenges they have met in licensing copyrighted material.

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