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Call for Projects

Nordisk Panorama Hackathon 2014

Malmö, Sweden, 19-22 September

Is your story bigger than a 58' slot?

Would you like to engage your audience using several platforms to tell your story?

Nordisk Panorama invites you to be inspired and amazed: Hand over your project to the 30 game developers, programmers, filmmakers and designers in the Nordisk Panorama Hackathon and receive several proposals / prototypes for digital experiences for your project in return.

The prototypes might be presented as games, websites, apps, illustrations - the point is to explore many different ways to develop a project. It's completely up to you how to use the work afterwards: to help communicate your project ideas, to test the prototypes or to build on them to build digital products.

Deadline 10 June - Read more and register here

We also need hackers!

Apart from producing like there's no tomorrow, the Hackathon is all about process: experiencing how to collaborate with people from other industries and learning new skills.

If you're curious or want to apply to be one of the 30 creatives that is part of the Hackathon as participants, contact us at