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Nordisk Panorama Festival

Best Nordic Short Films & Documentaries

Nordisk Panorama - Nordic Short & Doc Film Festival is a vibrant Nordic film festival for Nordic short films & documentaries, presenting the best recent Nordic shorts & docs.

Films are screened in three competition programmes: Nordic Short Films, Nordic Documentaries and New Nordic Voices, constituting a true Nordic championship. On top of this, a bunch of side programmes and special screenings will bring you an abundance of shorts & docs to explore.

Nordisk Panorama Festival is coupled with Nordisk Panorama Market, our film market catering to international buyers, programmers and distributors, and with Nordisk Panorama Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries, the main funding event for the Nordic documentary community, together attracting 600-800 professionals from more than 20 countries.

The festival offers a unique opportunity to take the pulse of the Nordic scene, to get connected with Nordic colleagues, to see films by proven talents and to be among the first to discover new potential.

The 25th anniversary edition of Nordisk Panorama Festival will take place in Malmö, Sweden 19-24 September 2014.

Deadlines for Nordisk Panorama Film Submission 2014

At Nordisk Panorama - Nordic Short & Doc Film Festival in Malmö, Sweden, 19-24 September 2014, selected Nordic short and documentary films will compete for the Best Nordic Documentary Award (Euro 11.000), the Best Nordic Short Film Award (Euro 7.000) and the Best New Nordic Voice Award (Euro 3.500).

Festival Competitions:

Films completed in 2013: 15 February - closed
Films completed in 2014: 1 May - closed


Films completed in 2013: 1 May - closed
Films completed in 2014: 1 August - closed

Click here for online submission and regulations.