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August 2013

Nordisk Panorama News

The 24th edition of Nordisk Panorama is just a couple of weeks away!
Malmö, Sweden, is getting ready to celebrate Nordic shorts and documentaries 20-25 September, and it's going to be a blast. We will offer you a wide selection of special programmes, seminars and social events besides the abundance of high quality Nordic shorts and docs in competition. Here are some tasty samples - and stay tuned, much more to come!

Joe Berlinger and Fredrik Gertten in Conversation

American director Joe Berlinger, famous for movies such as Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, Paradise Lost and Crude, will visit this year's festival! Berlinger has been invited to Malmö by his prominent Swedish colleague Fredrik Gertten (Bananas!*, An Ordinary Family, Big Boys Gone Bananas). Together they will take part in a very special dinner seminar titled "Fredrik Gertten: My dinner with Joe Berlinger".

About the seminar: Every year, we ask an established filmmaker to invite an international colleague - be it a great idol or a respected contemporary filmmaker - of his/her choice. The filmmakers will then meet one evening during the festival for an informal afternoon session, where they will discuss their films, their views on filmmaking, art, and life in general with an audience present.

Both Joe Berlinger and Fredrik Gertten have been involved in legal processes with American companies that they have investigated on film (Gertten with Dole Food Company and Berlinger with Chevron Corporation) and we are looking forward to a very interesting discussion about their experiences.

A number of the two filmmakers' films will be shown in retrospective:

Fredrik Gertten: The Socialist, The Architect And The Twisted Tower, Just A Piece Of Steel, An Ordinary Family, The Way Back - True Blue 2
Joe Berlinger: Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, Crude, Under African Skies

More info here.

International Guests at Transmedia Meet-up

Are you curious about new possibilities for storytelling and user engagement on digital platforms? At our Transmedia Meet-up you can get inspired, share experiences and discuss projects with artists, filmmakers, game developers and other bright minds. This year's guest list includes inspirational and innovative experts such as Ingrid Kopp (Tribeca Film Institute), Simon Klose (TPB AFK, Sweden, 2013), Suvi Andrea Helminen (48 Hour Games) and Alexander Reben (Robots in Residence).

The meet-up is an open event that kicks off Nordisk Panorama and the NP Hackathon, a closed workshop for six selected projects. The meet-up will also happen in a hacking frame of mind, drawing extensively on participants' experiences.

Transmedia production is about using digital platforms to engage audiences and harness the potential of dialogue and co-creation that the web and social media offer. The meet-up aims to provide a meeting place for all kinds of digital producers - hopefully to spark new ideas, new collaborations and future co-productions across genres and industries alike.

Participation in the meet-up is open to all and free of charge, but pre-registration is needed. Limited seats available! All pre-registered participants are invited to the opening film of Nordisk Panorama at 19:00, but no shows will be charged SEK 300.

More information and registration at:

Masterclasses 2013

We are proud to present this year's masterclass speakers:
• Margreth Olin on ethics.
• Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen on experimental documentary storytelling.
• Lisa Nordström on visual art in live performances.

Margreth Olin
What happens when you get personally involved with the people that you are filming? What do you do when you have to chose between intervening to prevent a tragedy from happening and remaining a filmmaker - true to the story that you need to tell? During the process of filmmaking, a director now and again needs to handle ethical dilemmas. As a celebrated director, Margreth Olin has continuously brought important issues to the spotlight.

During her masterclass for Nordisk Panorama she will share experiences and examples from her career. How can a filmmaker fine-tune her/his inner radar in relation to ethical matters, and how do we keep and nurse relationships that are made during a documentary filmmaking process.

Margreth Olin is a multiple awarded director, producer and scriptwriter with the company Speranza Film. In relation to the seminar, a selection of films by Margreth Olin is screened in a retrospective, reflecting different aspects of the topic. Her latest film Nowhere Home (2012) is part of this year's competition for Best Nordic Documentary.

Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen
In their masterclass, Finnish image virtuosos Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen open the doors to their world of experimental documentary storytelling. Together they run the production company Pohjankonna Oy. With innovative technology and an artistic eye, they have brought a series of beautiful films with existential themes to the Nordic screen. In their productions, they use animation techniques from classic stop-motion to animated 3D models scanned with x-rays. But mini helicopters and ditto cameras are all just tools in the quest for a world of images that really takes the audience on an adventure trip.

The session is complemented by a screening with their productions:
Emergency Calls / Hätäkutsu (2013)
Gates of Life / Häivähdys elämää (2012)
Hanasaari A/ Hanasaari A (2009)
The Death of an Insect/ Erään hyönteisen tuho (2010)

Lisa Nordström
Lisa Nordström is perhaps best known as one half of electronica duo Midaircondo from Gothenburg who released their first album in the early 2000s. But long before then, she started experimenting with sounds and images in a variety of stage performances. Electronica artist Lisa Nordström has been praised as much for her music as for her live shows, in which she performs with projections and visual elements. At Nordisk Panorama, she will be playing live with her new solo project and give a masterclass on the interrelations between visuals and music in contemporary performances on Sunday 22 September at 12:00.

Stage design, environments and odd venues are used to develop the visuality in music. Often sound is used as a soundtrack to what is visual, but in her masterclass Lisa will describe how she sees the image as associative to the music, visible in the documentary project Sonica Sequence made together with MusicDoc.

Before her masterclass, Lisa Nordström is performing  with Cult Boa and Fubbi Karlsson on 21 September at 18:30 in cooperation with MusicDoc.

Nordisk Panorama Outlook
- Inspiring Industry Talks
Once again Nordisk Panorama presents NP Outlook, a series of talks and professional meetings bringing key players and key issues of today's short and documentary film market into the spotlight. This year's focus will be on VOD, crowdfunding, alternative distribution strategies and Hollywood remakes of documentaries.

During Who Would Buy This? International buyers will discuss real pitch projects live in front of the festival audience - a film festival version of the TV-show "Dragon's den"!

More info here.

The Prize Sum for Best Nordic Documentary is now 11 000 Euro
We are very happy to announce that the prize sum of the Best Nordic Documentary Award has been raised to 11 000 Euro! This makes the award one of the largest of its kind in the Nordic region. The award is sponsored by the public service broadcasters in the five Nordic countries - DR, YLE, RUV, NRK and SVT. To have this strong support from such important partners makes us immensely proud and happy on behalf of the Nordic documentary community. We are exitedly looking forward to finding the winner!

Our other awards include:

Best Nordic Short Award:
Prize sum: 7000 Euro
Presented by Nordisk Panorama

Best New Nordic Voice Award: Prize sum: 3500 Euro
Sponsored by Film i Skåne, Film i Väst, Filmpool Nord, Nordnorsk Filmsenter, Vestnorsk Filmsenter, Viken Filmsenter, Østnorsk Filmsenter, International Sámi Film Centre, Filmkraft Rogaland, Midtnorsk Filmsenter and the Icelandic Film Centre.

More info about our awards and juries on

Opening Ceremony and NP Awards Gala Party

Nordisk Panorama 2013 will open with Expedition to the End of the World by Daniel Dencik (Denmark/Sweden, 2013). The opening screening will take place at Cinema Royal in Malmö 20 September at 19:00.

The festival reaches its climax on 24 September. At our huge NP Awards Gala Party at the beautiful seaside venue Luftkastellet, we will celebrate all the fantastic films and filmmakers that make the Nordic region such a great home for short films and documentaries. After the dinner and the awards ceremony, we clear the tables and fill the dance floors as our amazing DJs and artists enter the stage. This year's headliner is one of Sweden's most exciting new pop artists - Gnucci.

Don't miss the party of the year!

The Entire Industry Gathers in Malmö

Work-in-Progress presentations and closed Market Screenings
In 2013, already proven events and services such as Nordisk Forum, Nordisk Panorama Market and Nordisk Panorama Outlook will be complemented by new industry initiatives such as Work-in-Progress presentations and closed Market Screenings. With more than 250 titles in the Market, more than 40 projects at the forum and more than 300 accredited market guests we are looking forward to busy days in Malmö.

NP Hackathon
During the intense 48 hours NP Hackathon filmmakers, game developers, artists and digital creators team up to make ideas into real user-oriented prototypes.

Student & Teacher Meet-up
For the second year running Nordisk Panorama is hosting a Student & Teacher Meet-up for the Nordic film schools. The festival has a strong urge to sharpen its focus on the new generation of filmmakers in the Nordic countries. One of the highlights during the Meet-up will be an exclusive supplementary session with the celebrated filmmaker Jan Troell. This year there will be more than 60 students joining us.

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