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August 2012 #2

Nordisk Panorama News

Nordisk Panorama Countdown: 3 Weeks to go
Nordisk Panorama is fast approaching. There are only three weeks until we will all enjoy the best of Nordic shorts and docs! We have plenty of touching, funny, sad, beautiful, thought-provoking, mind-blowing films lined up for you, so get out of that chair, book your trip to Oulu and register here.

To get the festival news first, join the Facebook group Nordisk Panorama - for film professionals.

Nordisk Panorama Opens with Surfing Norwegian Style
This year Nordisk Panorama opens with a screening of the Norwegian surf film North of the Sun. The two young filmmakers Inge and Jørn decide to spend the winter in an isolated bay on an island in the Arctic Norway, bringing nothing but clothes and surfboards! It is an inspiring documentary that celebrates life, nature, filmmaking - and surfing. The opening screening will be the international premiere of North of the Sun and what better way to start the festival than by showing new talent at its best.

Awards Gala - Finnish Style
As the perfect end to a wonderful week in the best Nordic company, we bring you the Nordisk Panorama Awards Gala - Finnish Edition. Be prepared to applaud the award-winners and enjoy the cutest country tunes from the Finnish duo Minttu & Olli. We will be treated to a nice dinner and to make the event truly Finnish, the sauna will of course be heated for your pleasure. It's first come, first served so buy your ticket right away with your festival accreditation to secure a seat in the sauna.

My Dinner With...
Following the success of last years' festivals, Nordisk Panorama once again presents "My Dinner with..." where a Nordic filmmaker invites a guest of his/her choice to the festival.

We have asked one of the most talented, young Nordic filmmakers, Icelandic director-writer Rúnar Rúnarsson, to invite a distinguished colleague for a dinner tête-à-tête in front of an audience, where they will discuss their films and views on filmmaking over a meal on Monday 24 September.

Rúnar Rúnarsson is an award-winning director, who started his career with short films such as the Oscar-nominated The Last Farm and the Palme d'Or-nominee Two Birds. His first feature film Volcano was selected for Director's Fortnight at Cannes in 2011.

Rúnar's dinner guest will be Danish director Mads Matthiesen whose feature debut Teddy Bear premiered at Sundance this year and received an award for best direction. Teddy Bear is developed from Mads' short film Dennis that appeared at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and has won numerous awards around the world.

Check out the Schedule and Special Programmes
This year's special programmes are full of exciting films - and more keep coming. Don't miss the chance to catch up on a 100 Years of Estonian Film, make sure you see why Short Matters! and what's the story about the Mental Nord. Check out the screening schedule and start to plan your stay right away.

Meet the Geeks at the Encounters Transmedia Hackathon
It's one big crrrrazy experiment. Take a bunch of eager transmedia filmmakers and lock them up in a room with a group of extremely talented geeks for a weekend. What will they come up with? Will they have enough time? Who will inspire the greatest new thing? Is it a revolutionary new app, a crazy game or a life-size robot? Anything is possible. The event is free of charge and all we ask is for you to be generous with your ideas, skills and curiosity.

The Encounters Transmedia Hackathon takes place 22-23 September 2012 during Nordisk Panorama and is open for registration as long as seats are available. For more information visit or sign up to meet the geeks here.

Transmedia Seminar & Meet Up
Saturday at the Transmedia Seminar & Meet Up all NP delegates are invited to hear about how transmedia can help us tell stories, reach audiences and impact the way we see the world.

As the keynote speaker, we're very proud to introduce transmedia consultant Lina Srivastava, creator of the transmedia activism framework and first-mover in transmedia for social issue content. We offer you a mysterious case study peeking into unfamiliar territory. We will conclude with a panel discussion featuring Mika Pohjola (The Company P), Kristoffer Lawson (The Travelling Salesman), Lina Srivastava and others, on how synergies can be created between the film industry and the startup community when it comes to producing transmedia.

Nordisk Panorama Outlook
Focusing on international financing, distribution and sales, NP Outlook is aimed at filmmakers who want to keep in touch with the latest trends at the international market.

We're proud to present a series of talks and professional meetings that bring key players and key issues of today's short and documentary film market into focus.

At this year's NP Outlook, you will learn about online distribution channels, you'll get insight in how to navigate the funding landscape where branded money is becoming more apparent and you will get hands-on knowledge about the crooked ways of producing transmedia stories. On top of this, you'll learn how the Angry Birds' universe has expanded to more and more platforms, and you'll get tips and tricks for the life of your short film. Check out the programme here.

Outlook takes place at Scandic Oulu, meeting room Vaunumaakari 22-24 September. Don't miss this opportunity to get to know who is who, who does what and how to do it right yourself!

One-to-one Meetings at Nordisk Panorama Market
Are you a Nordic filmmaker attending Nordisk Panorama? Don't miss the opportunity to meet Nordic and international market professionals in one-to-one meetings!

Repeating the success from last year, Filmkontakt Nord is bringing you NPM one-to-one: short meetings of 10-15 minutes, giving market professionals and Nordic filmmakers a chance to meet exclusively. Check out who's available for meetings here.

The meetings will take place at the market from 10-18 during market days 22-25 September and are pre-arranged by Filmkontakt Nord, so don't forget to book your meetings by sending an email to Amila Cirkinagic before Friday 14 September.