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Call for Submission of Projects

20th Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries

Malmö, Sweden, 22-24 September 2013


7 June 2013: Submission of projects

1 August 2013: Accreditation

Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries

Since 1994 Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries has been a vital part of Nordisk Panorama and this year we're proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nordisk Forum.

Nordisk Forum is the main funding event for professionals involved in the Nordic documentary community. It takes place in Malmö, Sweden Sunday-Tuesday 22-24 September and welcomes documentary projects from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, The Faroe Islands, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

A maximum of 24 projects will be selected for pitching during the morning sessions Monday and Tuesday, and pre-booked individual meetings between projects and decision-makers will take place in the afternoon. Producers looking for access to scheduled meetings with decision-makers without pitching should also apply with a project as observer+. A maximum of 24 observer+ projects will be selected.

Check out the guidelines for more information on how to apply with a project.

All participants must apply for accreditation to Nordisk Forum by the deadline 1 August. Nordisk Forum accreditation also gives access to Nordisk Panorama.

Producers Meet Producers and Dutch Delegation

Nordisk Forum will kick off with the popular networking event Producers Meet Producers Sunday 22 September, featuring in-depth networking, round table discussions and case studies. The event aims to facilitate the efforts to find suitable co-production partners and form the bonds necessary to access funds across borders.

At Producers Meet Producers you'll also get the chance to meet this year's specially invited Dutch delegation arranged in co-operation with The Netherlands Film Fund, Pieter Fleury. The Dutch delegation is here to meet their Nordic colleagues and they will present themselves and outline their production landscape at Producers Meet Producers.

We look forward to seeing you in Malmö!

For more information, please check out the Nordisk Forum Guidelines. For details and questions, please contact Nordisk Forum Manager, Christina Jul Gregersen, tel. +45 3311 5152.