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Nordisk Panorama Event 2008

Next Friday, 26 September, at 17:30 the grand opening of Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival takes place in Malmö, Sweden. The opening marks the beginning of 6 eventful days of films, seminars, masterclasses, pitches, and parties. This is the place to meet with the Nordic short and documentary film community and international buyers, distributors and festival programmers.

If you haven't already done so, go get yourself an accreditation, study the catalogue and we'll se you there!

Filmkontakt Nord Presents:

Nordisk Short Film Circle 2008

Pocket Shorts for Mobile Phones
For the third time, Filmkontakt Nord is proud to present the Nordisk Short Film Circle engaging the Nordic short film community in discussions about the past, present and future of the Nordic short film in a global context.

This time we will focus on short films for the the two-inch giant: the mobile phone. What are the latest trends within moving pictures in the cellular world? What does it take to truly catch a generation who are capable of communicating by several media at once? What are the obstacles and considerations when producing for new media platforms when they are new to you? Who is consuming and where? Can short film makers capitalize on this growing trend? And what do you need to know to Do It Yourself? These are a few of the questions which will be taken up for debate.

Check out the schedule, join the Nordisk Short Film Circle, take part in the discussions and contribute to the development of the Nordic short film scene!