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Nordisk Panorama to become annual film festival in Malmö

Since the start in 1990 Nordisk Panorama has travelled between the five Nordic countries, changing location from year to year. But now it's decided: from 2013 the festival will make Malmö, Sweden, its home.

With dedicated support from Malmö Stad (Malmö City), Region Skåne (Skåne Regional Council), Film i Skåne and a wide local audience, committed to the documentary and short film genres, Nordisk Panorama will be able to provide the Nordic documentary and short film industries with a solid home. Moving energy from logistics to content the aim is to let the festival grow in quality and size to the benefit of filmmakers and investors alike.

- By becoming a resident festival, Nordisk Panorama will grow as strong a relationship with the audience that it already has with the industry, says festival director Katrine Kiilgaard. Hopefully the festival will become a well known and much loved public event as it continues to be the most essential meeting point for Nordic film makers and the international film industry.

When Nordisk Panorama was held in Malmö in 2008 approximately 6,000 people came to the screenings. The great interest for short films and documentaries in the Malmö/Copenhagen region is only one of many reasons that the festival has chosen Malmö as its permanent home. The geographic location, with two international airports in the close proximity, makes it an ideal spot for visiting journalists, filmmakers and people in the industry.

The festival has also received great support from both Malmö Stad and Region Skåne. In 2013 Malmö Stad will invest 950,000 SEK in the festival and Region Skåne will contribute with 750,000 SEK, demonstrating great commitment to the project.

- Film is an important field for Malmö and I think that Nordisk Panorama will mean a lot to the city and the goal to make Malmö a vivid film city. Together with the new cinema on Bergsgatan and other festivals such as BUFF (The International Children and Young People's Film Festival) Nordisk Panorama will have an important part to play, says Elisabeth Lundgren, head of the culture department.

New selection process guarantees Nordic representation

The fact that the festival stops travelling between the Nordic countries and becomes a Malmö based event will not make it any less Nordic. From 2013 the festival has improved the selection process in a way that will guarantee a top quality Nordic programme. In each one of the five contributing countries a selection committee, consisting of film critics, directors, and other experts have been assigned to nominate nine films representing their country in the three sections: Nordic Documentary, Nordic Short Film and New Nordic Voices.

From 2013 the films will not have to premiere at Nordisk Panorama - instead focus will be on presenting the very best of the films opening in the Nordic countries during the last 12 months (this year between July 2012 and June 2013).

The winners in each category will be presented at the Gala Awards Ceremony on 24 September, where they will receive awards and substantial prize money. The winners of the Nordic Documentary and Nordic Short Film categories will receive 7000 Euro each and the winner of New Nordic Voices will receive a sum of 3500 Euro.

Previous festivals: Oulu 2012, Aarhus 2011, Bergen 2010, Reykjavik 2009

Last year's winners

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For more information please contact:

Katrine Kiilgaard
Director, Filmkontakt Nord
cell +45 2042 4529

Elisabeth Lundgren
Director, Malmö Stad, Dept. of Culture
cell +46 766 34 29 27