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Licence Agreement

For Nordisk Panorama Market Online

Please download the Licence Agreement
for inclusion of your film in Filmkontakt Nord's digital promotional service for Nordic short films and documentaries - Nordisk Panorama Market Online.

Download here:
Licence Agreement

International TV-buyers, distributors and festival programmers have access to this password-protected online screening room, where they can see the full-length films in Filmkontakt Nord's digital library at their own convenience.

Nordisk Panorama Market Online is closely monitored. Only approved buyers, distributors and festival programmers will be given access, and the statistics concerning the viewing of your film will be made available to you.

All you need to do is:
•    download and print the Agreement
•    fill in your Licensor's information (red text)
•    fill in the Film title (red text)
•    sign on the dotted line
•    upload the Agreement when submitting your film or send it by email to by the time of submission

You will get:
•    A personal login to your film(s).
•    Promotion of your film to more than 800 International TV-buyers, distributors and festival programmers.
•    Information about who has seen your film and who has expressed interest in it upon your request.

If an international distributor is involved with your film, we recommend that you consult with them. This service is meant as a supplement to the efforts of the producer and distributor, so we hope you will welcome this opportunity.

Please send us an email or give us a call, should you have any questions or require further information.