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May 2012

Nordisk Panorama News

Nordisk Panorama Registration Open
Now is the time to mark your calendar for the 23rd edition of Nordisk Panorama, 21-26 September 2012!

Nordisk Panorama gathers the Nordic short and documentary community for a 5-day feast comprising quality films, seminars, workshops, great parties and not least the industry events Nordisk Panorama Market and Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries.

Nordisk Panorama continues its nomadic journey throughout the Nordic landscape. This year the city of Oulu, Finland, is prepared to add regional colour and Northern drive to your festival experience.

The registration for Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival is open, so go to Nordisk Panorama's website already today, get the early bird discount and join this prominent community of international and Nordic short and documentary representatives.

The festival accreditation gives you access to all festival screenings and seminars as well as the Opening Ceremony on Friday 21 September. Register before 15 August for accreditations at a special rate: The early bird accreditation fee is 750 DKK (100 €) whereas the normal price is 960 DKK (130 €). The fee for students is 530 DKK (70 €).

500 Films Submitted for Nordisk Panorama 2012

Submission of films for Nordisk Panorama 2012 is now closed. We have received 500 film submissions for the competition, of which 210 are documentaries and 290 are short films from all the Nordic countries.

The selection of films for the competition programme will be announced by mid-July, and throughout the summer we'll keep you updated with glimpses of upcoming seminar and side programmes for Nordisk Panorama 2012.

Nordisk Forum Project Deadline Coming Up
The deadline for submission of projects to this year's Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries is coming up on 8 June.

Nordisk Forum is the main funding event for professionals involved in the Nordic documentary community, taking place during Nordisk Panorama in Oulu, Finland.

This year we're also opening up the forum for cross-media documentary projects with decision-makers from this field in place and we're looking forward to receiving new and exciting cross-media projects.

To apply for Nordisk Forum, check out the guidelines and make sure you have everything ready and shipped by the deadline 8 June. The deadline for accreditation to Nordisk Forum is 1 August.

8 June 2012: Submission of projects
1 August 2012:

FkN News

Filmkontakt Nord in Hamburg
FkN's Jing Haase is attending Hamburg International Short Film Festival 1-3 June. FkN is there to expand the international network, promote Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival and the new films available at Nordisk Panorama Market Online, FkN's online streaming service aimed at international tv-buyers, sales agents, distributors and festival programmers.

To set up a meeting with Jing, send her an email or contact her at +45 3132 0212.

Nordic Delegation at Sheffield Doc/Fest
FkN's managing director Katrine Kiilgaard will be at Sheffield Doc/Fest with a Nordic delegation of film professionals.

During the Documentary Campus Party on Friday 15 June Filmkontakt Nord will be hosting the Nordic Vodka Hour at 22:30. All accredited guests are invited to meet the Nordic delegation over a shot (or two) of vodka!

10 Nordic projects have been selected for this year's MeetMarket and 9 Nordic films can be enjoyed in the official selection.

Katrine Kiilgaard is in Sheffield 13-16 June. To set up a meeting with her, send an email or call her on +45 2042 4529.

Filmkontakt Nord in Grimstad
14-17 June FkN's Jing Haase will be in Grimstad for the Norwegian Short Film Festival. Besides watching Norwegian films, Jing will meet with the Norwegian industry and will be hosting a Nordic Vodka Hour.

To set up a meeting with Jing, send her an email or contact her at +45 3132 0212.

New Nordic and International Initiatives

Icelandic Government Announces Large Increase in Film Investment

According to an investment plan introduced by the Icelandic government, investment in film is to more than double for the next three years, from the current IKR 500m (EURO 3.1m) to almost IKR 1.2 billion (EURO 7.5m) in 2015, with the largest chunk coming next year. This is a welcome relief to the beleaguered film industry in Iceland which has seen public investment in film shrink by around 35% for the past three years due to the severe economic crash of 2008. This comes on top of the 2011 agreement between The Ministry of Culture and the industry, which stated that film funding would increase from IKR 500m in 2012 to IKR 700m (EURO 4.4m) in 2015.

The public investment in film 2013-2015 according to this will be as follows:

2013: IKR 1.018m (EURO 6.4m)
2014: IKR 1.088m (EURO 6.9m)
2015: IKR 1.188m (EURO 7.5m)

FilmArc Secures Continued Financing

FilmArc, the regional film and media cooperation between Filmpool Nord, Film i Västerbotten in Sweden, POEM in Finland and FilmCamp AB in Norway has secured a budget of €1.7 million for 2012-2014.

FilmArc was launched in 2008 to strengthen the smaller production companies in Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Northern Norway and Northern Finland by giving them access to training, seminars and on-going consultancy support.

The audiovisual industry in the FilmArc region counts around 300 small and medium sized entreprises (SME) and 400 freelancers and enjoys a 13% annual growth rate. "There is a clear and distinct demand to further develop SME businesses and to support the international endeavours of these companies, of which many have taken significant steps for growth in Asia and North America for instance. At this year's Cannes Film Festival there were five times as many companies from North Finland alone as there were in the previous years," says Anne Laurila, project manager and head of POEM in Oulu, Finland where FilmArc 2.0 is based.

First Nordic Film Crowdfunding Site Launched
Filmbasen, the meeting place and talent development center for young filmmakers in the Stockholm area, has launched the first film crowdfunding site in the Nordic countries Filmbasen Crowdfunding. This will be a supplement to Film Stockholm's regular film funding scheme, giving filmmakers a chance to increase their funding through private micro donations.

When someone supports a project, this will trigger a contribution to the project from a special public fund, giving everyone a chance to affect which films get funding and thus making the film funding more democratic.

According to Joakim Blendulf, project manager for Filmbasen, filmmaking in Stockholm has developed enormously in recent years, but the film financing hasn't been as offensive as the young filmmakers. This is why Filmbasen is now launching Filmbasen Crowdfunding as an alternative financing form.

New Transmedia Fund for Jutland
Shareplay, the transmedia venture covering the Central Denmark Region and the North Denmark Region, has launched the Shareplay Fund, supporting transmedia projects in the regions with up to DKK 500.000 and with more than DKK 11.25 million at its disposal.

The fund will support great ideas that combine creativity, technology and innovation and is highly interested in projects that work across regions, across media, across businesses and across business models. Small and medium sized entreprises within the audiovisual sector and with a growth potential can apply with projects exploiting the potential of transmedia.

Application is open for four different types of projects:

1.     New innovative collaborations
2.     Development of strategies and concepts
3.     Test of proof-of-concept
4.     Development of processes and methods

To apply the company must be based in the Central Denmark Region or the North Denmark Region. The fund has 3 yearly deadlines. The next deadline is 16 August 2012. Read more here. Additional info in Danish here.

SOURCES 2 Workshop in Oulu Following Nordisk Panorama
This year's Nordisk Panorama in Oulu, Finland, will be followed by the SOURCES 2 Projects & Process workshop 26-30 September, also profiting from the Arctic atmosphere of the City of Oulu.

The workshop is open for professionals working in the field of (creative) documentary filmmaking (filmmakers, editors, tutors, developers, commissioning editors, producers). It consists of a three-day session, a coaching period and round-off by e-mail.

SOURCES 2 Projects & Process is an intensive training programme sharing the SOURCES 2 mentoring approach with European professionals working in the field of (creative) documentary filmmaking and project development who wish to refine their mentoring skills, expand their experience as mentors and to explore mentoring as a career opportunity.

The workshop is arranged with the support of POEM - The Northern Film and Media Foundation, the Finnish Film Foundation and AVEK. The application deadline is 1 June 2012.

Focus Forward Gives 200.000 Dollar Cash Prize for 3-Minute Docs
Focus Forward, a series of three-minute films highlighting exceptional people and ideas that are changing our lives for the better, is now giving away $ 200.000 in cash prizes to the top five entries in the Focus Forward Filmmaker Challenge, with $ 100.000 going to the Grand Prize Winner.

Up to 100 finalists will be featured online at in the fall of 2012 alongside work by Steve James, Lucy Walker, Victor Kossakovsky, and others.

FkN would love to see a Nordic take a prize, so if you have an idea for a three-minute nonfiction film around the theme of invention and innovation, then it's time to get to work! Submissions are open until 23 August.