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June 2010

FkN News

Nordisk Panorama Registration Open 

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to mark your calendar for the 21st edition of Nordisk Panorama Event, 24-29 September 2010.

Nordisk Panorama Event gathers the Nordic short and documentary community for a 5-day feast comprising of industry events such as Nordisk Panorama Market and Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Nordic Documentaries together with quality films, seminars, workshops, and great parties.

The registration for Nordisk Panorama – 5 Cities Film Festival is open, so go to Nordisk Panorama’s website allready today, get the early bird discount and join this prominent community of international and Nordic short and documentary representatives.

Peter Broderick at Nordisk Panorama 

We are proud to announce that one of the most influential advocates of modern distribution, Peter Broderick, will attend Nordisk Panorama in Bergen with a keynote speech, a workshop and as individual consultant at Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries. Peter Broderick is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on alternative distribution strategy, and has also been a key player in the growth of the ultra-low budget feature movement.
Read more on Nordisk Panorama’s website.

Nordisk Panorama Film Update 

We’re very close to the final selection of this year’s Nordisk Panorama competition films. 520 short and documentary films have been submitted to the festival and around 75 will be selected for the three competition programmes: Nordic Short Films, Nordic Documentaries and New Nordic Voices.
All submissions will receive notice of acceptance or rejection no later than 15 July, and the selection will be presented in the next edition of the FkN Newsletter.

Nordisk Forum Project Update 

The deadline for submissions to Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries has come and gone. We have received 72 applications for the 17th Nordisk Forum for Co-Financing of Documentaries. The projects have been submitted by producers from the Nordic and Baltic countries: 11 from Denmark, 1 from Estonia, 1 from Faroe Islands, 9 from Finland, 5 from Iceland, 19 from Norway, and 26 from Sweden.

The 17th Nordisk Forum takes place in Bergen, Norway 27-28 September in conjunction with Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival.

New Initiative at Nordisk Forum 

This year, Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries will kick off already on Sunday morning with a brand new Producers Meet Producers event. 

22 Nordic and Baltic production companies will get the chance to present themselves and their ambitions to each other. The presentations will be followed by an afternoon of Speed Dating designed to facilitate the efforts to find suitable partners and form the bonds necessary to access funds across borders.
The event also offers an insight into the Nordic film institutes' rules and requirements as well as a chance to meet this year's invited UK delegation, who will outline the UK production landscape and introduce themselves. 

Production companies accepted for the Forum as either pitchers or observers can sign up for the event, but priority will be given to pitching companies. Only one participant per company can attend. In the event of too many applicants, a selection will be made.
We are looking forward to many good matches being made!

International Guests in the FkN Video Library      

During the summer, the following guests are visiting Filmkontakt Nord's Video Library at the office in Copenhagen:
Programmer, Matthias Heeder from DOK Leipzig - International Festival for Documentary and Animated Films, Germany, 
Festival Coordinator Maria Östbye and programmer Louise Bown from Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden
Artistic Director Bernard Boulad from Brest European Short Film Festival.

New Nordic and International Initiatives

The First Scandinavian Screening in Copenhagen 
For the first time since the days of the Nordic Screenings, a joint Nordic initiative promoting Scandinavian quality TV programmes took place in Copenhagen earlier this June.
Around 100 buyers attended the mini TV-market that was jointly hosted by DR Sales and SVT Sales in association with Nordisk Film TV, TrustNordisk, AB Svensk Filmindustri and Nordic World.
As a sales platform showcasing the latest TV products from Scandinavia, the screenings will respond to a growing need for content due to changes in the market. More and more digital TV platforms are created, and the Scandinavian Screening will be a new and needed sales and export opportunity in supplement to the annual MIPCOM and MIP TV.
The screenings will become an annual event where buyers can preview and screen film and TV programmes: Documentaries, Fiction, Nature, Arts, Children's programmes and Music.
For more information on the screenings 2010, click here.

Financial Boost to Swedish Women Filmmakers 
The Swedish Film Institute receives SEK 1.1 Million from the Ministry of Culture to support women filmmakers, says Filmnyheterna. The new funding scheme is an effort to further the career of young women filmmakers and to meet the 40/60 goal of the film agreement saying that 40% of the directors, screenwriters and producers obtaining funding from SFI should be women. The money is to be distributed in the regional film production structures and resource centres.

Prior to the decision of an earmarked support to women, Swedish minister of culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, invited 27 film organisations and production units to reflect on the issue of equal opportunities for women and men in the Swedish film industry and to bring ideas and proposals to the table of how to reach a fair balance.
Some of the answers from the organisations in short:
The Swedish Film & TV Producers’ Association sees the general under financing of Swedish films as an obstacle for reaching equal opportunities, because women are less willing to take financial risks than men. The organisation recommends increased funding possibilities of films and a greater focus on female talent.
On a more general note, the producer’s association finds it crucial that films should reflect our time from both female and male perspectives, and they propose that the word “should” in the film agreement should be exchanged with “must”.
The organisation Women in Film & TV points out that old structures leading men to recommend other men to working positions have to be changed, but that a 50-50 share of women and men in directing, scriptwriting and producing can be reached.
Film i Väst stresses that there is a need for better work conditions in film production and that it is important that public and private bodies reach a common view on the matter.
The complete compendium of answers from the film industry can be downloaded here.

+40’s Quit Film Career 
According to a questionnaire carried out by the Norwegian Film Union, most professionals quit their career in the film industry before the age of 40, says Arbeidsmiljøsenteret, the Norwegian Centre for the working environment.
The lack of contracts, too much overtime and very little overtime pay are some of the reasons why this is happening.
The Norwegian Film Union and a committee of representatives of the industry criticize the production companies for not offering reasonable working conditions.
The Norwegian Film and TV Producers’ Association on the other hand, criticises the report for being too general and based on undocumented allegations. The report states that the average age of professionals in production is around 30 and that people rarely stay in business longer than to the age of 40. The consequences are that knowledge and skills will disappear.
In spite of the disagreements, both The Norwegian Film Union and the Producers’ Organisation admit to the need for more regulation. The producers, however, point out that demands of higher wages can’t be met in the current situation of a market that has little economic flexibility.
The Norwegian Film Union hopes for a solution before the end of the year.
Read more about the report here.

A Break From Financial Hurdles   
Nine young filmmakers get to share SEK 540.000 to new projects. The funding initiative comes from the Helsingborg based BoostHbg that nurtures exceptional emerging talent within the film industry in Scania, the southern region of Sweden.
With the funding also comes consulting assistance all through the project development stage.
The director of BoostHbg, Anna J Ljungmark, hopes that the funding will take off the pressure of the financing hurdle and give more time to the nine filmmakers to focus on their artistic development.
For more information on Boost’s funding schemes, click here.

Less Finnish Content on Finnish TV Channels   
Domestically produced TV-programmes on the Finnish TV channels have dropped from a share of 50% in 2008 to 35% in 2009.
The figures appear in the yearly overview of TV programmes published by the Finnish Ministry of Communication. The study was made by Svenska Social- och kommunalhögskolan at the University in Helsinki.
The study states that the amount of domestically produced TV programmes has decreased on the ten national Finnish TV Channels that can be watched without extra fees.
Most of the TV programmes produced in Finland are sports and entertainment.
More information on the report here.

Comedies Wanted   
A humour film competition organised by YLE Fiktion and in cooperation with Finland-Swedish Film Centre is open to short humorous films, sketches or funny videos.
Deadline for submissions is 2 August. The competing films can be seen on and the winner -  which is awarded with € 1.000 - and the best films will be presented at the next film screenings at the Finland-Swedish Film Centre.
Read more on the competition here.

Workshop Films On Mobiles and Facebook   
Aarhus Film Workshop is taking an innovative step to expand their digital showcase of films produced at the workshop.
Now it is possible to watch films on mobiles, Facebook as well as on the workshop’s online cinema. To watch films you need to be able to go online from your mobile phone. Then from the website you can chose between films in the categories animation, documentary, experimental, fiction and music.
The mobile feature is the most used external link and around 200 persons have signed in as Facebook friends.
“We’re very satisfied with the new features, and the technique seems to work well. We haven’t received any complaints from people who can’t access the videos,” says Trine Hansen, responsible for
events and online communication at Aarhus Film Workshop. Podcasting is also in the pipeline, and technically Aarhus Film workshop is ready, but the question of rights has yet to be solved before a launch.
Aarhus Film Workshop is a dynamic association and production house for people who wish to engage in the visual media of film and video.
Check out the site here.

New Association Lobbies To Air More Docs   
The new international lobbying group Documentary Distributors' Association, (DDA), that announced itself at Hot Docs earlier this year, launched officially at the Sunny Side of the Doc this June.
DDA aims to lobby for more documentaries on public service broadcasters, to improve broadcast funding and to open up new markets across other media.
The association is founded by Mercury Media CEO Tim Sparke and Mercury Chairman Simon Shaps. According to Sparke, factual programmes and factual entertainment that can provide bigger ratings are pushing documentaries to the margins. The DDA wants to fight this tendency and campaign for more documentary slots on public service broadcasters.
The first official DDA meeting took place at the Sunny Side of the Doc on 22 June.

Vimeo Launches Video Festival   
A New online video festival and awards event to honour the best of creative online video has been announced by the video-hosting site Vimeo.

The Vimeo Festival and Awards invites video creators throughout the world to submit their original and creative videos in a variety of categories, among others Documentary, Experimental and Animation.
The awards will be open to anyone who has premiered their work online between 3 June, 2008 and 30 July, on any online platform.
A jury including names like David Lynch and Morgan Spurlock, will be judging the videos, and during a two-day festival in October in New York, the best online video will be screened to an audience. The winner of the Vimeo Award wins a grant of U.S. ,000.00 for the development of a new video work.
The Vimeo Awards is open for submissions 31 until July.
Read more about the festival and regulations on the site.

24.06.2010 New Image     
Norwegian Film Institute is in the process of redesigning their website.
The ambition is to develop the website profile and create more pages.
Among the new features are new pages on NFI courses and seminars for the industry and more information on funding schemes and how to apply.
All activities in Filmens Hus, (seat of the Norwegian Film Institute), will be available on the website as well as information on the circulation of Norwegian films on festivals and awards.
”Learn about film" will be the main portal for NFI’s initiatives towards children and youth and a new ”Buy Film” button presenting the NFI titles will be ready by autumn.
For more information, read here.