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FkN Newsletter

February 2012

FkN News

Filmkontakt Nord at Tempo Documentary Festival
FkN's managing director Katrine Kiilgaard will be at Tempo Documentary Festival in Stockholm, Sweden, 6-7 March. The festival takes place 6-11 March. To set up a meeting with Katrine, send her an email or call her at +45 2042 4529.

Filmkontakt Nord at Tampere Film Festival
Managing Director Katrine Kiilgaard will be heading directly from Sweden to Finland for Tampere Film Festival (7-11 March) and will be present at the festival 8-11 March.

On Friday 9 March 17:00-18:00, Filmkontakt Nord & Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival are happy to offer a drink to old and new friends. Join Katrine, this year's festival director Taina Ronkainen and the Finnish member of the FkN board Sami Jahnukainen at the Festival Centre Bravo Plaza. To set up a meeting with Katrine in Tampere, send her an email or call her at +45 2042 4529.

Filmkontakt Nord Goes Short
Nordisk Panorama Market Manager Jing Haase will be in the international jury at Go Short, the Dutch festival for short films taking place in Nijmegen 14-18 March.

Filmkontakt Nord at BUFF & BUFF:ff
Nordisk Forum Manager Christina Jul Gregersen will be present at BUFF, the International Children and Young People's Film Festival in Malmö, Sweden, as well as at the connected financing forum BUFF:ff. BUFF runs 13-17 March, and the financing forum 14-16 March. Like in 2011, FkN's Jing Haase has been on the BUFF:ff selection committee.

The First Nordisk Panorama Deadline Has Come and Gone 
Again this year, we're operating with two deadlines for Nordisk Panorama: 15 February for films completed in 2011 and 15 May for films completed in 2012. The first deadline has come and gone and around 230 shorts and documentaries have been submitted to this year's festival, taking place in Oulu, Finland, 21-26 September. We are happy to see so many 2011 films and are looking forward to the films from 2012. Keep them coming!

The Nordic National Awards
Filmkontakt Nord continues its promotional activities targeted at buyers, programmers and distributors, this week by showcasing the shorts and docs winners of the national awards in the Nordic countries.

With the announcement of the Icelandic Edda Awards last weekend, all the national awards in the Nordic countries for 2011 have been revealed.

In Denmark, the Robert Awards took place 6 february. In the short film category, Best Short Fiction went to Girl in the Water by Jeppe Rønde & Woo Ming Jin and Best Long Fiction to My Brother Karim (Min bror Karim) by Asger K. Kallesøe. In the documentary category, The Time We Have (Den tid vi har) by Mira Jargil was awarded Best Short Documentary and The Ambassador (Ambassadøren) by Mads Brügger won the Best Long Documentary Award.

The Jussi Awards in Finland were announced on 29 January and Best Documentary went to Forever Yours (Ikuisesti sinun) by Mia Halme. There is no Jussi Award for short films.

At the Edda Awards in Iceland, Last Days of the Arctic (Andlit Norðursins) by Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson won both the Edda for Best Documentary and the Edda for Best Music. The Edda for Best Short Film went to Come to Harm (Skaði) by Borkur Sigthorsson.

The Amanda Awards in Norway were already announced 20 August last year and the winners were 1994 by Kaveh Tehrani for Best Short Film and Reunion - Ten Years After the War by Jon Haukeland for Best Documentary.

The Swedish Guldbagge Awards were announced on 23 January and Best Documentary went to At Night I Fly by Michel Wenzer. Las Palmas by Johannes Nyholm won the Guldbagge for Best Short Film. Furthermore, the documentary The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 by Göran Olsson won the awards for Best Editing (Göran Olsson & Hanna Lejonqvist) and Best Music (Ahmir-Khalib Thompson & Om'Mas Keith).

Filmkontakt Nord would like to congratulate all the winners - and invite registered buyers, programmers and distributors to see the films online at Nordisk Panorama Market Online!

Delegations to Hot Docs and Sheffield Doc/Fest
Again this year Filmkontakt Nord is arranging the Nordic delegations to both Hot Docs and Sheffield Doc/Fest. The deadlines to sign up for the delegations are 9 March for Hot Docs and 2 April for Sheffield Doc/Fest. If you want to join us, follow the links to read more: Hot Docs and Sheffield Doc/Fest.

New Nordic and International Initiatives

Swedish Film Agreement Approved by Industry
The Swedish government and film industry has come to a new agreement for Swedish film for 2013-2015. In the new Film Agreement theatrical release is no longer a requirement to receive support, which means an opening towards new windows of distribution.

The total film budget will see an annual raise of SEK 30 million, with an increase of the government's share from SEK 185 million to SEK 200 million. The state funding for film will still be integrated with private sector resources and the total budget will be SEK 380 million per year.

The new agreement entails extra funds for TV drama, an increased focus on children and youth films as well as on shorts and documentaries. An equal split between men and women will replace the 40/60 gender criteria for film support.

With the new Film Agreement the aim is for Swedish film to reach the highest national market share in the Nordic countries through all screening windows. Another objective is to increase the national cinema attendance and the presence of Swedish films at major film festivals such as Cannes and Berlin.

Download the Film Agreement here (in Swedish only).

DFI Teaching Materials Focus on Documentaries
The Danish Film Institute (DFI) has produced a set of teaching material aiming to inspire teachers and students to use documentaries in the classroom. The ambition is to strengthen the students' knowledge of the documentary genre, its basic forms, its means and its effects on the audience.

By working with the director's different choices, the material will help the students understand that a documentary does not portray ‘the only truth', that it is a personal interpretation of reality and should be viewed and analyzed as such, as a film narrative.

The material is available online at the DFI website (in Danish only) and the films can be streamed at DFI's streaming service if the school has a subscription.

Dialogue of Cultures Festival Announces USD 40,000 Doc Grant
The Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival, launched in New York last year, has announced a USD 40,000 grant for the production of a short documentary. In a creative and vibrant way the 30-minute doc should capture the festival's theme of globalization and people in search of their identity while still respecting other cultures.

Applications can be entered until April 30 by director/producer teams from all over the world and the winner will be announced during the Cannes Film Festival. Production will start immediately hereafter, and the winning short doc will premiere at the Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival held this year 20-23 October in Brussels, Belgium. Read more on how to apply here.