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Nordisk Panorama Accreditation -

Catch the Early Bird Today

25th Nordisk Panorama
Best Nordic Short Films and Documentaries
Malmö, Sweden, 19-24 September 2014


15 August 2014: Early Bird Accreditation for Nordisk Panorama
1 September 2014: Accreditation for Nordisk Panorama

Catch the early bird to Nordisk Panorama - deadline today - and join us for the celebration of the 25th edition!
If you do not already have an accreditation, there's no reason to hesitate:

Nordisk Panorama accreditation gives access to all festival screenings, seminars and special events as well as to the Grand Opening on Friday 19 September


Industry professionals can sign up here.

Please note that Nordisk Panorama accreditation does not give access to Nordisk Panorama Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries. Deadline to apply for Nordisk Panorama Forum accreditation was 1 August.


For Nordisk Panorama press accreditation please contact PR & Marketing at

We look forward to seeing you in Malmö!

For details and questions, please contact our guest coordinator, Juha Löppönen, tel. +45 3311 5152.